Early Blackface, Latest Politics

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Marge Greene and Asylum for White Conservatives

As part of the GOP effort to distract from President Biden’s dramatic trip to Ukraine, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene rolled out a proposal for a “National Divorce.” Very interested in being Trump’s 2024 running mate, Greene is a combination of Republican mover and shaker, conservative provocateur, and fan-girl of the twice-impeached, disgraced, ex-president. If she…

The 1619 Project and American Myth

They say our people were born on the water; the tealed eternity of the Atlantic had separated them so completely from their home it was like nothing had ever existed before. These African men and women, from different nations, all shackled together in the hull of a ship, they were one people now, and although…

Rick Scott Out of Step, Killing Time on Fox

Sen. Rick Scott gave up any hope of advancement with his “sunset Medicare and Social Security” manifesto. But why would he kill so much of his career attacking a popular and longstanding program that’s now part of American tradition.

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