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A Lauren Boebert Christmas

In “Souls of Black Folk,” W.E.B. DuBois wrote of black people experiencing an unanswered question of “how does it feel to be a problem” as hanging between them and “the world.” Whether that question continues to plague black people or not, I’ve long since started thinking more of white conservatives in these terms–as a problem,Continue reading “A Lauren Boebert Christmas”

Directions in Blogging

When I started “Writing Early Blackface,” my idea was to write short, snappy, and frequent posts that were not much longer than my twitter contributions. But that has NOT happened at all! I became obsessed with synthesizing and the result was that many of my posts are 200-600 word range with “Mysteries of the Democrats”Continue reading “Directions in Blogging”

A Reminder

These Patriot Front guys look like morons. But last weekend’s “march” is a useful reminder that white nationalist terrorism is the most important national security threat facing the United States.

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