Schumer Shows Some Spine: The Senate Vote on the Women’s Health Protection Act 

Yesterday, head Democrat in the Senate and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer called up the Women’s Health Protective Act for a vote and the vote failed by a margin of 49-51 with Joe Manchin and the two pro-choice Republicans voting against the measure. But I see the vote as a step forward for the Democrats.Continue reading “Schumer Shows Some Spine: The Senate Vote on the Women’s Health Protection Act “

Marjorie Greene: GOP Spokeswoman

The Democrats should stop treating Kevin McCarthy, Mitch McConnell, the Republican National Committee, and Ronna Romney McDaniel as “Republican leaders” or “GOP Spokespeople.” Yes, these figures are members of the Republican Party who hold offices in Congress and the national party, but they no longer represent “Republican opinion” and are not particularly significant for understandingContinue reading “Marjorie Greene: GOP Spokeswoman”

The Joy Reid Model for Democratic Communication

Like many activist Democrats, I’m chronically dissatisfied with the messaging of the Biden administration, the Democratic National Committee, and the lib/left media more generally. Much of the communication reads like public service announcements, there’s not enough anti-GOP partisanship, what partisanship exists (“And no Republicans voted for this”) has little bite, and none of the moreContinue reading “The Joy Reid Model for Democratic Communication”

Is Florida Joining the Right’s War on Trans Teens? Maybe Not Yet

Today, Florida state health officials released official guidelines on treatment options for trans teens recommending against physicians recommending social gender transition, puberty blockers, hormones, or gender affirming surgery for anyone under 18. These guidelines are vaguely reminiscent of the Texas initiative to criminalize health care for trans teens. That’s especially the case because the stricturesContinue reading “Is Florida Joining the Right’s War on Trans Teens? Maybe Not Yet”

A Reign of Terror in Our Future?

Republicans like Mark Kelley, Republican governor’s candidate in Michigan, are gradually one-upping themselves into promising a reign of terror if elected. Quoting from Adrian Cole writing for The American Independent: “On Monday, real estate broker and Michigan Republican gubernatorial candidate Ryan D. Kelley posted a video to his TikTok account to say that if elected, he would chargeContinue reading “A Reign of Terror in Our Future?”

The Mourning, the Resentful, and the Bitter

In her @Salon article comparing the Ketanji Brown Jackson hearings to the confirmation hearings for Thurgood Marshall, Margaret Russell of Santa Clara University views the Republican senators who badgered Judge Jackson as acting in a manner similar to the racist Dixiecrats who questioned Justice Marshall during his confirmation hearings in 1967. Like the Dixiecrat senatorsContinue reading “The Mourning, the Resentful, and the Bitter”

The Ketanji Brown Jackson Supreme Court Confirmation Hearings: Brief Dynamics

With the hearings on the nomination of Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson for the Supreme Court complete and confirmation pretty much in the bag now that Sen. Joe Manchin (sometimes D-WV) has expressed support, it might be safe to make a two or three points. Definitely a BFD. Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson’s nomination to the SupremeContinue reading “The Ketanji Brown Jackson Supreme Court Confirmation Hearings: Brief Dynamics”


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