Mysteries of the Democrats

“Joe Biden’s Big Squeeze” represents a big effort by @jonathanchait and I sincerely appreciate the thought and work that went into the article even though I disagree with much of Chait’s perspective. I especially value Chait’s detailed discussion of the Democratic Party and the minimum stereotyping in which Chait discusses Democratic voters. Chait’s article remindsContinue reading “Mysteries of the Democrats”

The Obstruction Accessory?

Sen. Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona isn’t doing that great with independents either. My guess is that Arizona independents want big things to happen and expect Sinema to help facilitate Dem/GOP cooperation instead of being a brightly colored accessory to obstruction.

Sinema’s Blue Dog Moment, or How Sinema’s being “Liebermaned”

There was a report this week by The Hill on a poll where 72% of Arizona Dems prefer a Democrat other than Sen. Kyrsten Sinema in the 2024 Arizona Senate election. Plus, Arizona Dems prefer AZ Democrats Ruben Gallego, Greg Stanton, and Kathy Hoffman over Sinema by 20 points or more in test polls. IContinue reading “Sinema’s Blue Dog Moment, or How Sinema’s being “Liebermaned””

Bring On The Squad

I copied this @AOC statement from a twitter thread by Magdi Semrau (@magi_jay) where she argues that the Democrats need to make better use of AOC and other members of The Squad during political campaigns. Ocasio-Cortez complains about her and members of The Squad being completely shut out by Democratic campaigns “as just a uniformContinue reading “Bring On The Squad”

Rufo’s Fascist Coming Out Party

Last night, Christopher F. Rufo, Manhattan Institute Think Tanker, and propaganda genius behind the GOP crusade against Critical Race Theory, came out as a fascist on twitter. Rufo’s language of “time to clean house,” “laying siege,” “abolishing” and “overturning” is all violent rhetoric advocating the destruction of any institution that runs counter to the bullying,Continue reading “Rufo’s Fascist Coming Out Party”

Biden Should Draw down the Strategic Petroleum Reserve!

Since January, gas prices have been continuously increasing and have reached $3.415 nationwide and a whopping $4.682 in California. High gas prices are particularly burdensome on populations of people who drive long distances to work whether that’s urban commuters in LA or the people who drive from the 124 miles from Paintsville, KY to workContinue reading “Biden Should Draw down the Strategic Petroleum Reserve!”

Do More With Rural Dems

Dear Jaime Harrison, Chairman of the Democratic National Committee It wasn’t like elections in Virginia and New Jersey were disasters, but I still think that Democrats need to raise their game. I especially would like to see think the DNC reach out to rural Democrats in places like Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Florida, and my home stateContinue reading “Do More With Rural Dems”

Remembrance and Forgetting

Yesterday, conservative New York city government workers, their friends, and allies marched over Brooklyn Bridge to protest city vaccine mandates which go into effect on Friday. If city workers are not vaccinated by then, they’ll be put on unpaid suspension. In the United States, an official culture of commemoration is developing around the black civilContinue reading “Remembrance and Forgetting”


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