The Changing Cultural Mainstream: Set-Up

The United States is a large nation of 333 million people with a welter of regional, ethnic, racial, immigrant, urban, suburban, and rural subcultures. At the same time, there is a national culture that is dividing into “mainstream” and “white conservative” wings. Indeed, cultural division is becoming as much a feature of American life asContinue reading “The Changing Cultural Mainstream: Set-Up”

The Herrenvolk Right

Trump voters are creating a “herrenvolk” political culture where white conservatism has a symbolic anchor in “simple” and “authentic” patriotic gestures like the Flag, the Pledge, and the “Star-Spangled Banner.” Like conservatives everywhere, Trump voters have a hunger for tradition as a guarantee of their moral rightness, but conservative political traditions and historical figures haveContinue reading “The Herrenvolk Right”

A Certain Distance

My wife is an nurse practitioner who has been working full time at a hospital somewhat like this for the last two weeks as Kentucky deals with the Covid disaster. She’s stressed out and tired but also energized and determined as she does what she needs to do. Like people all over the country she’sContinue reading “A Certain Distance”

The Rogue Super Power

While I was teaching Global Studies at Morehead State University in Kentucky, one of my arguments about Trump was that he wanted the United States both to shift its alliances toward authoritarian regimes and become a “rogue super power.” And that’s largely what happened. During the Trump years, the United States tilted away from theContinue reading “The Rogue Super Power”

Biden, Normalcy, Competence

President Joe Biden is going through tough times and its showing up in public opinion polls. The surge in the Delta variant, withdrawal from Afghanistan, Haitian refugee situation, and problems in passing an infrastructure bill have all had a negative impact on public opinion with Biden approval sinking from 52.4% two months ago to 45.4Continue reading “Biden, Normalcy, Competence”

Not a Cool Kid Anymore

Senator Krysten Sinema of Arizona returns to infrastructure negotiations with the Biden administration and other Congressional Democrats. Given that Sinema is actively trying to undermine the Democratic agenda, she’s definitely not the cool kid in the room.


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