Conference Proposal on Blackface

White Popular Culture and Discourses on Blackness in Jacksonian Philadelphia This study examines three discourses on blackness in the white popular culture of 1820’s and 1830’s Philadelphia–the lithographs of Edward W. Clay, blackface minstrelsy of T.D. Rice, and representations of rioters in the 1834 anti-black riot.  With “Jim Crow,” Rice developed a representation of blacknessContinue reading “Conference Proposal on Blackface”

MLK and Representing the Nation

Among other things, celebrating Martin Luther King Jr’s Birthday involves a recognition of the monumental stature of King and the Civil Rights Movement in U.S. history and national identity. Because of the signal accomplishments of the Civil Rights campaigns of the 1950’s and 1960’s, Martin Luther King has the same historical stature that the RevolutionContinue reading “MLK and Representing the Nation”

Check Your Privilege

Many of my students at Morehead State in KY were in situations as dire or almost as dire as those recounted by “Birgit Umaigha RN MEd”–students struggling to find computers or internet hook ups for online work, working two or three jobs to pay for school, caring for siblings because of addicted parents, going throughContinue reading “Check Your Privilege”

Conference Proposal: Intersectionality and the Ethics of Recognition

I’ve copied my recent and conference proposal for the meeting of the Kentucky Political Science Association in early March, 2022. My long-term goal is to develop a chapter on intersectionality for a book project on “Multicultural Democracy in America.” Over the next six weeks, I want to lay out the intersectional concept of identity asContinue reading “Conference Proposal: Intersectionality and the Ethics of Recognition”

Moving on the Filibuster

In a surprise development, Chuck Schumer announced today that he would force a vote on the filibuster before Martin Luther King’s Birthday on January 17. The letter from the Democratic and Senate Majority Leader allows some wiggle room on whether the filibuster should be modified or eliminated, but the options are an illusion. Eliminating theContinue reading “Moving on the Filibuster”

Hating Most of America, Marjorie Taylor Greene Wants a Divorce

Right-wing celebrity and Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene recently made a newsworthy contribution to the persistent discussion over white conservative secession from the United States. Secession themes emerged in conservative discourse first with the re-election of Barack Obama in 2012 and then once again with the civil war chatter that followed the inauguration of Joe BidenContinue reading “Hating Most of America, Marjorie Taylor Greene Wants a Divorce”

Biden, Psaki, and Democratic Leadership: Aggressive, Determined, Disciplined

If the Build Back Better Act (BBB) actually did go down with Manchin’s Fox News interview on Sunday, what does that say about the Democrats and the Biden administration? According to Manchin’s own testimony, President Biden and his staff are aggressive, determined, and disciplined. Here’s Manchin on the negotiating style of President Biden, the WhiteContinue reading “Biden, Psaki, and Democratic Leadership: Aggressive, Determined, Disciplined”


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