Rufo’s Fascist Coming Out Party

Last night, Christopher F. Rufo, Manhattan Institute Think Tanker, and propaganda genius behind the GOP crusade against Critical Race Theory, came out as a fascist on twitter. Rufo’s language of “time to clean house,” “laying siege,” “abolishing” and “overturning” is all violent rhetoric advocating the destruction of any institution that runs counter to the bullying, bigoted white conservative vision of America and is a complement to J.D. Vance’s rhetoric on destroying corporations if they remain “woke” and oppose “the values and virtues that make this country great…”

Rufo has a follow-up tweet which seeks to provide plausible deniability in relation to accusations of fascism. But that’s B.S. The original tweet pointed to a reactionary overturning of American institutions and one of the few things Rufo did not advocate along that line was the violent overthrow of the Biden administration.

Maybe that’s next.

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