A Reign of Terror in Our Future?

Republicans like Mark Kelley, Republican governor’s candidate in Michigan, are gradually one-upping themselves into promising a reign of terror if elected.

Quoting from Adrian Cole writing for The American Independent:

“On Monday, real estate broker and Michigan Republican gubernatorial candidate Ryan D. Kelley posted a video to his TikTok account to say that if elected, he would charge state school boards with felonies if they refuse to remove “sexually explicit content” from Michigan public schools.”

“One of the biggest problems in Michigan public schools is the sexually explicit content that is being offered and available to students in our schools across the state of Michigan,” Kelley says in the video. “Parents are showing up all over the state at school board meetings expressing their concerns, requesting that this type of material be removed from the schools, and a lot of times it falls on deaf ears to the school boards. Kelley said that if elected governor, he would take “swift action” to charge any school boards that failed to remove such material from their schools with felonies, citing a 1978 Michigan law that made it a felony to disseminate “sexually explicit matter to a minor.” Those convicted under the law can face up to two years in prison, a $10,000 fine, or both. This law was amended in 1999 to extend its reach to the internet.”

Mark Kelley advocates this as a way to show that he’s tougher than the usual MAGA Republican. But white conservatives are getting to the point where executions without trial are within the realms of their imagination.

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