Marjorie Greene: GOP Spokeswoman

The Democrats should stop treating Kevin McCarthy, Mitch McConnell, the Republican National Committee, and Ronna Romney McDaniel as “Republican leaders” or “GOP Spokespeople.”

Yes, these figures are members of the Republican Party who hold offices in Congress and the national party, but they no longer represent “Republican opinion” and are not particularly significant for understanding the internal dynamics of the Republican Party.

You know who is significant for understanding the Republican Party—Marjorie Taylor Greene!!!

The Republican Party consists of one thin layer, a larger layer of inertia, and an extremely thick and active MAGA layer.

The thinnest elite layer is the configuration of office holders and big business titans. Think the alliance between Mitch McConnell and the Business Roundtable.

Along with the elites, there’s the layer of small government, cut taxes, and deregulation Republicans who have a marginal preference for the McConnells but are just fine and dandy with supporting Trump and everything associated with Trump. That’s probably 35% of the GOP voting public. However, that constituency is also politically inert and therefore not a dynamic force in the Republican Party.

That leaves MAGA Republicans who broadly divide into the highly overlapping spheres of the conspiracy world, the religious right, and gun culture. That represents a heavy majority of Republican voters, 95% of the dynamism in the Republican Party, and also serves as the political base for Donald Trump.

Marjorie Taylor Greene is the most prominent spokeswoman for the MAGA majority of the Republican Party and therefore the most prominent spokeswoman for the Republican Party. Of course, she’s not nearly as important as the Lord God Trump but I bet Donald Trump looks to Greene’s pronouncements to help him understand the MAGA base and how he should pander to it.

When Greene goes, the Republican Party is already there.

Greene speaks at a white nationalist event because the GOP is a white nationalist party.

Greene proclaims that Catholicism is Satanic because the GOP believes that Catholicism is satanic.

Greene believes that women are the weaker sex because Republicans believe women are the weaker sex.

Greene thinks that anyone who is pro-gay rights is a “groomer” because that’s the position of the Republican Party.

All of Greene’s pronouncements should be thought of as the official position of the Republican Party.

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