Abortion Rights and an Emerging Super-Majority

Matt Lewis of The Daily Beast argues that Democrats need to “win the substantive arguments” rather than keep trying to pressure Joe Manchin into voting to blow up the filibuster.

But that’s already the case.

The Democrats have already won most of the arguments and are on the verge of forming an electoral super-majority.

To give one example, the Pew Research Center recently found that abortion rights are supported by 59% of the public and opposed by only 39%. That’s a 2-1 margin in favor of abortion rights. With all the effort conservatives put into making abortion controversial, the left is still winning the battle of public opinion.

If American institutions were operating in a functional manner, there would be more federal, state, and judicial action to protect and expand abortion rights.

But the Republican Party has found ways to keep super-majority opinion from being enacted into law. To the extent that Republicans still care about working through the American constitutional system, blocking the super-majority is now their main objective.